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  • Who Are We?

    • District Diamonds is a custom jewelry provider located in the DC metro area. A young visionary of Morgan State University, Shomari Brooks, created what we see today. Coming from an artistic and business minded background, a family was created in which all of our customers are apart of. Breaking the norm is not only a life journey for our company, but also an embodiment of our clientele.

  • What Do We Do?

    • Our first goal is to educate our current and prospective clients on the vast aspects of our products and services. Whether it is something as common as a necklace or as complex as an engagement ring, we strive to inspire creativity between the client and designer. Our products are made with precision, delicacy, and care while bringing the customer’s vision to fruition. While we consistently provide minimal turnaround times, we nevertheless refuse to ignore the deference of quality. Exceeding your expectations is our end goal as we treat and view you as one of our own. Welcome to The District Diamond Experience!

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